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Hi Guys,

For a start, I would like to greet everyone and thank Creative Markets for giving us a possibility of presenting / selling our products.

I do hope, you will like them and I promise you that we will do our best to fulfill your expectations.


Building a WordPress news or magazine website? Don't know where to start and how to make your website catchy, clear and, at the same time, prestigious?

We've got the perfect solution for you! Present all articles and other information in a clear manner thanks to this theme.

This theme features full Responsive Web Design. HTML5 structure of Gavern Framework has been enriched about a few additional columns which allowed toorganize content on a website more flexibly.

NEWS supports the following widgets: Comments, News Show Pro, Social Icons, Tabs, News Slideshow, Weather.

Sitting on the fence? Make up your mind and use NEWS ĘC one of the best WordPress themes for news and magazine websites!


All our themes are based based on a well-engineered GavernWP framework.

Thanks to mechanisms built ĘC in, it is adjusted for creating websites easily basing on the Responsive Web Design idea. Our responsive themes ensure your site content displays beautifully and intuitively on all Web-browsing devices!

For more details please visit the following website:



- Fully Responsive layout

- Page Weight optimized for mobile devices

- Mobile Optimised Menu

- Support for Post Formats

- Typography Shortcodes

- 8 Page Templates

- 3 Sidebars with position options

- 6 Built-in color styles with option to add own ones

- Auto-sized Post Thumbnails (WP-powered)

- Beautiful Theme Options Panel (a lot of theme options to help you customise)

- 6 Built-in widgets (news sliders, weather, tabs, social icons)

- Translatable, includes .mo and .po files

- Support for Social Network with Social API

- Widget Rules mechanism support

- WPML Multilingual Plugin support


- Theme package

- Quickstart package - which contains a complete WordPress installation with the demo content

- Full layered PSD Source files


- News theme configuration:

- Documentation:

- Technical Support:



[7.III.2014] Version compatible with GavernWP v.1.9.2 has been released!

Full list of changes in the v.1.4.2.

* Fixed problem for the non-displaying SEO metatags on pages

* Fixed issue with GK NSP images in Child theme

* Fixed problem with homepage description title

* Fixed problem with template settings import/export function

* Changed icons from backend template options

* Added small improvement in Open Graph function

* Small backend improvements

[13.XII.2013] Version compatible with GavernWP v.1.9.1 has been released!

Full list of changes in the v.1.4.1.

* Added dimensions (height, width) into GK News Show Pro images

* Backend improvements connected with WordPress v. 3.8

* Changed mail function to wp_mail

[05.XI.2013] Version compatible with GavernWP v.1.9 has been released!

Full list of changes in the v.1.4.

* Fixed problem with overriding config JSON files in the child themes

* Fix for the excerpt problem on WP 3.6

* Fixed problems when there is no squirrel fonts in the fonts directory

* Improved option to enable/disable Open Graph

* Removed the prefix attribute from html tag when Open Graph is disabled

* Improved excerpt length filter

* Strict Standards Walker Error fixed

* Fixed child theme compaitibility

* Updated backend colors

* Added displaying parent page on breadcrumbs

* Added new widget rules (category with descendants)

* Added new option tab 'Features' and add/move options to this tab

* Improvement in the mobile menu

* Removed the metatag generator from the head section

* Added Twitter Cards support

* Added option to change custom fields labels

* Fixed problem with language directory in the child themes

[29.VIII.2013] Version compatible with GavernWP v.1.8.1 has been released!

Full list of changes in the v.1.3.1.

* Chrome Frame removed as it won't be longer supported

* Added additional validation for widget rules

* Fix for the random problems with saving widgets

* Fixed problem with dissappearing items on autoanimation at the gallery page

* Fixed problem with removing All items from the widget rules list

* Small improvements in the backend social media

* Improved small language mistake

* Improved support for WordPress Multisite in the GK NSP widget

* Fixed issue with Gavern Shortcode button

[08.VIII.2013] Version compatible with GavernWP v.1.8 has been released!

Full list of changes in the v.1.3.

* Added option to define the custom RSS URLs

* Fixed a notice in the GK Comments widget

* Added the priority parameter in the Customizer controls declaration

* JSHint and JSprettifier used on JS files

* Php include replaced by get_template_part function

* Added links on the non-single post pages to featured images

* Added version display and social media to the back-end header

* Added support for WordPress Multisite in the GK NSP widget

* Added code to remove settings for unexisting widgets

* Added support for the manifest attribute in the html element

* Added Open Graph default image - for Pinterest too

* Added 4 new filters for the available Social API buttons

* Optimized Widget Rules script

* Added GK Login widget title

[08.VII.2013] Version compatible with GavernWP v.1.7 has been released!

This version contains a lot of new features mentioned in this article: (with exception for the RTL support which is currently available only in the framework blank theme - Meet GavernWP).

Full list of changes in the v.1.2.

* Added support for showing the Featured Image captions

* Added the prefix attribute for Open Graph in the html element,

* Added support for Featured Image title in the Pin It button,

* Added filtering shortcodes from the NSP widget output,

* Added additional actions for the GK Comments widget,

* Added browser check for the X-UA-Compatible metatag to avoid unnecessary validation errors,

* Fixed problem with image logo in the IE8,

* Fixed problem with URLs containing additional params - then the Social API counters was 0,

* Small improvements on the Tag Cloud Page Template,

* Removed dropcaps from the typography,

* Added RawText input field, it fixes problems with slashesh in widget rules for breadcrumbs,

* Widget Rules - added support for Taxonomies and Custom Post Types,

* Added option to disable post aside data,

* Moved reCAPTCHA options to the Pages tab,

* Added support for the Featured Video,

* Fixed problem on the category pages with missing asides,

* Added support for additional navigation classes in the attachment page,

* Added option to disable featured image on the single page,

* Fix for the Contact Page Template when other plugin loads reCAPTCHA too,

* Fixed problem in the NSP widget when the post slugs are used,

* Improved breadcrumbs,

* Removed top navigation (the bottom navigation is still exists),

* Fixed small mistake in the CSS property naming,

* Added contact page template fields managment to the metabox with page additional params,

* Improved styling of the metabox with the page additional params,

* CSS files moved to the stylesheet queue used in the wp_head function,

* Added option to disable aside, category, author, tags, date or comments using the additional post params.

* GK NSP - added support for tags,

* Fixed problem with blank containers in GK NSP,

* GK NSP - added touch events support,

* Filtering shortcodes from the NSP widget improved.

* Mobile improvement for the typography columns,

* Fixed notices in the helpers.features.php file visible on the add new post page,

* Responsive tables implementation,

* Small clean up in the JS files for future JS compression,

* Added two new comments options in the Advanced settings tab

- adding target="_blank" to the comments links

- option to enable/disable comments links autolinking,

* Improved filtering in the gk_condition function,

* Removed unnecessary files.tmp file,

* Small improvements for the $paged variable on the Latest Post Page Template,

* Implemented usage of the selected() function,

* Improved widget rules JS code,

* Added more filters,

* GK NSP - fixes for the Windows servers

* Added image preview for media upload in the theme back-end,

* NSP - Fixed problem with thumbnails on the Child Theme

* Breadcrumb output function improved,

* Fixed problem with script dependicies on the template gallery page,

* Document outline improvements,

* Added responsive support for Vimeo,

* Fixed problem with html tags in the twitter button,

* Moved font declarations under CSS stylesheets,

* Improved function responsible for breadcrumbs conditional rules,

* Small fix for the Pinterest button on Safari,

* Changed colors in the back-end and added new icon for the "Pages" tab.

* Fixed validation problem with link placed on the footer,

* Improved the author name in the gk_author_block,

* Small improvement in the conditions.

* Fixed problem with the shortcodes CSS stylesheets ordering,

* Fixed styling the password protected post's form,

* Added the data-mobile attribute in body,

* Improvements in the breadcrumb condition code,

* Fixed problem with displaying unnecessary controls when widget rules are disabled,

* Fixed problem with inner inset padding.

* Small improvement on WP Calendar styling.

* Small fix for the mobile menu

* Fixed problem with Nested ordered and unordered lists.

* Improved function from GK News Slideshow widget,

* Fixed Theme integration with Woocommerce payment gateways.

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