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This Wordpress Theme has been designed from the ground up for information marketers. I was tired of having to use (and pay for) all the services I needed to run my business. This Wordpress theme has many of the same features as Sam Cart, LeadPages, and Optimize Press.

Page Templates


Page templates are the basis of of any page you create in the Authority Framework. I have included some of the most popular templates for information marketers. These templates include.

No Menu.

Template includes the header and logo, but has no menu on it.

No Header.

Template has NO logo and NO menu.

Slim Layout.

Template can have (or not have) a logo, menu, or header. The main content is "squeezed" in to allow more focus on the content.

Funnel Pages


The funnel pages are designed to direct your visitors to take a specific action or direct them to a certain area of your website.

Box Funnel.

This is the most versatile of the funnels. It allows you to present a few select points of interest that you would like your visitors to take action against.

Email Funnel.

This funnel allows you to add a two step email opt-in bar to the top of any page. Two step email opt-ins are proven to provide you with more quality subscribers.

Price Funnel.

Need your visitors to choose a price point before moving forward in your funnel? The price funnel creates a focus and stunning looking price table.

More funnel pages coming when the price increases!

Membership Pages


Membership websites are key in running a profitable website. The Authority Framework allows you to easily create lesson pages that your members are sure to love. Lesson pages allow you to add action points, downloadable homework, videos, and more.

Lesson Page 1:

Lead Pages


I love the Lead Pages web app, but I was tired of paying $37 a month and having to use ANOTHER service outside of my website. As a result, I started creating popular lead page styles into the Authority Framework to save you time and money.

4 Part Video Training.

Video Opt-In.

Product Pages


The single product checkout page has been optimized to allow for the key elements of a successful landing page. Increase sales by showing your customers a checkout page that is easy to understand and makes your buyers feel safe and confident in their purchase.

List of Products.

Single Product Checkout.

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