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Authority Wordpress themes were designed for novice bloggers with the heart of an entrepreneur. I made them to do three things very well; be easy to use, be brand-able, and be able to grow with your business. If you are serious about getting your passion out into the world, do it with Authority.

With this bundle you can mix and match my products to help you create the prefect bundle of products for your business.

What You Are Getting

- Any (1) Wordpress Theme from my shop. ($49 Value)

- Any (1) Social Image Kit for Bloggers from my shop. ($15 Value)

- Any (1) Workbook Toolkit from my shop. ($39 Value)

- TOTAL VALUE: $103 - Yours today for only $69 Have questions? Contact me personally - [email protected]

Top 3 Reasons You'll Love the Workbook Creator

Im invested in helping you grow your dream. I want to give you everything you need to have a head start in launching your business. That way of thinking has influenced every aspect of Authority, my business. I hope this toolkit will help you grow your audience and your business.

1. Build Content Upgrades Faster Content upgrades convert readers into subscribers better than just about anything. The problem is, they can be daunting to put together. The Workbook Toolkit solves that problem by making worksheet creation almost as simple as drag and drop.

2. Add Workbooks to Online Course for Added Value If you sell online courses, workbooks are a great way to add value for your customers. You can either add them as part of the course, make them an upsell at checkout, or use them to create a premium package for your course.

3. Designed for Your Brand While the Workbook Toolkit looks great as is, it was designed dot be customized to match your brand. You can easily customize the covers and pages to match your brand. Customizing can be as simple as changing the colors and fonts, or you can go all out and add to whats already created.

Top 5 Reasons You'll Love Our Themes

Im invested in helping you grow your dream. I want to give you everything you need to have a head start in launching your business. That way of thinking has influenced every aspect of Authority. How many other Wordpress theme authors can say that?

1. No Wordpress experience required.

O.K., that's a little bit of a lie. You do need to know how to at least log in. ;) Seriously though, Authority themes were built with support and training baked right into the theme its self. At every turn inside your new theme you will have access to video tutorials, written documentation, or a quick link to contact me directly.

2. Designed to help you build your brand.

You'll notice that the core themes I make show off very little in the way of design. Thats because I focused on creating a theme that could easily be transformed to work with your brand. I want to give you a theme that embodies your brand, not one that you have to shoehorn your brand into.

3. Easily convert shoppers into buyers.

Much of the site was designing by a leading user experience designer from a fortune 50 company. What does the mean exactly? It means that the shop portion of your new theme was built with the customers needs first. By putting the customers needs first, conversion becomes a natural byproduct.

4. Built to grow with your business.

No matter what grand plans you have for your business, Authority can help you get there. No matter if you want to sell online courses, digital downloads, or start a membership site, Authority themes can handle it.

5. We support entrepreneurs in need.

The passion and spirit of entrepreneurs is something I find truly inspiring. That is why a portion of every sale I make goes to support entrepreneurs in developing countries. To be honest, helping these entrepreneurs grow their business is just as important to me as growing my own.

Important Links

- Support Documentation - https://authority.ticksy.com/

- Open a Support Ticket - https://authority.ticksy.com/submit/ Have questions? Contact me personally - [email protected]

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Ultimate Bloggers Bundle

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