Delicious Duotones

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Delicious Duotones

Delicious Duotones offers a quick, easy way to transform your images with 9 awesome fresh flavours to choose from.

- Cherry & Blackcurrant

- Mint Choc Chip

- Blueberry & Apple

- Banana & Dragonfruit

- Strawberries & Cream

- Grape & Mandarin

- Grape & Berry

- Blueberry & Banana

- Rasberry & Mint Simply open the Photoshop file and drop your image into the Smart object to transform your image.

Yes, there are other products that offer many more colour options but the way this PSD is set-up you will find it quick and easy to customise the look of your final image. You can tweak and adjust til your hearts content creating your own flavours or simply roll with one of our delicious offerings.

Delicious Duotones is simple to use but if you're new to Photoshop you'll find a quick and easy step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through the process.

"Who's this for?"

Delicious Duotones is ideal for bloggers and people looking to add some consistent styling to their Social Media platforms. I've included PSDs with Artboards/Canvas set up to the cover images dimensions of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and of course Instagram.

Simply drop your photo, portrait, illustration or type graphic into the smart object layer and you're off. It's then a simple case of exporting the cover image you require in the flavour of your choice.

For seasoned Photoshop users you can adjust the colours or the Channel Mixer Adjustment layer to maximise the impact of the effect on your photo.

"What's in the box!" - Detective Mills, Seven (1995)

When you download and unzip the contents of Delicious Duotones you will find the following.

For users of Photoshop CC

- 1 x PSD with 9 different artboards (various social media cover sizes)

- This includes a smart object (the green layer) which you can drop your photo into

- Each artboard has all 9 Delicious Duotone Flavours in a folder, to change flavour simply turn off a groups visibility and turn on another For users of older versions of Photoshop *(versions that don't support artboards)

- 1 x PSD with a 1920x1080px canvas

- 1 x PSD with a 1920x1080px canvas

- 1 x PSD with a 1920x1080px canvas

- 1 x PSD with a 1920x1080px canvas

- 1 x PSD with a 1920x1080px canvas

- 1 x PSD with a 1920x1080px canvas

- 1 x PSD with a 1920x1080px canvas

- 1 x PSD with a 1920x1080px canvas

- 1 x PSD with a 1920x1080px canvas What's not included

I used some stunning photos in the promo graphics which I sourced from if you haven't been on this site before then go check it out!

I have not included any of the photos in this product, instead I used a placeholder image of a friends new barbecue!

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