50 Golden Business Cards Bundle

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File Types: PSD,JPG,All Files; File Size: 360.37 MB; Compatible with: Photoshop; Layered: Yes; DPI: 300 DPI; Dimensions: 2 x 3.5 in3.5 x 2 in2 x 2 in.

50 Golden Business Cards Bundle - There are a number of ways for your business to prosper and sharing your classy and unique business card is one way to go. Each of these stylish design will attract attention and will leave a lasting impression to your audience.

This amazing business cards bundle has an actual shop value of $300+ and contains 50 High Quality gold business card templates with different style, design and sizes that are suitable for any kind of business or personal use.

All the texts are editable, the colors of each and every elements can be easily change to whatever you may want. You can use the sample logo included or replace it with your own.

The fonts used in each template are free and the fonts download links can be found inside the help file included.


- Adobe Photoshop CS3 Or Higher BUSINESS CARD FEATURES.

- Fully Editable

- 300 DPI High Resolution


- Final Print Size: 2x3.5, 2x2 and 3.5x2 inches

- Print Ready HOW TO EDIT.

- Very easy to edit, this template comes in a well organized, named and layered Photoshop document which was designed for advanced and new Photoshop users.

- For help regarding the template, feel free to contact us. HEREUNDER IS THE FULL LIST OF BUSINESS CARDS INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE.

- Mini Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/864806-Mini-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Iconic Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/865345-Iconic-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And White Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1154747-Gold-And-White-Business-Card

- Marble Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1167363-Marble-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1430297-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And White Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1761343-Gold-And-White-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1761377-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1770983-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Minimal Gold Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1770991-Minimal-Gold-Business-Card

- Simple Gold Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1777067-Simple-Gold-Business-Card

- Simple Clear Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1880423-Simple-Clear-Business-Card

- Gold Foil Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1888090-Gold-Foil-Business-Card

- Folded Gold And White Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1980046-Folded-Gold-And-White-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1981813-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/1983864-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Premium Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/2356200-Premium-Business-Card

- Elegant Gold Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/2360376-Elegant-Gold-Business-Card

- Luxury Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/2360462-Luxury-Business-Card

- Classy Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/2362104-Classy-Business-Card

- Simple Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/2363939-Simple-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/2396825-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Luxury Gold Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/2396859-Luxury-Gold-Business-Card

- Luxury Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/2428533-Luxury-Black-Business-Card

- Minimal White Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/2428675-Minimal-White-Business-Card

- Elegant Gold Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/2570573-Elegant-Gold-Business-Card

- Premium Gold Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/375480-Premium-Gold-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/502493-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/582138-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Blue Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/586981-Gold-And-Blue-Business-Card

- Premium Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/588795-Premium-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Red Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/634583-Gold-And-Red-Business-Card

- Minimal Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/775691-Minimal-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Premium Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/786200-Premium-Gold-And-Black-Buisness-Card

- Simple Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/792740-Simple-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/BusinessCard/509840-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Professional Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/300234-Professional-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/93997-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/78248-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And White Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/76746-Gold-And-White-Business-Card

- Retro Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/100494-Retro-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/93088-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/72978-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/81773-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/72981-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/167772-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/161127-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Golden Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/228577-Golden-Business-Card

- Elegant Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/307865-Elegant-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/268742-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

- Gold And Black Business Card

- https://creativemarket.com/Marvels/228614-Gold-And-Black-Business-Card

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