I Donut Like Popsicles

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To help introduce my new product for a LIMITED TIME ONLY get I Donut Like Popsicles for 50% off! Regular Price $25 now ONLY $12!!!

An Extravaganza of sweet foods!

Looking for graphics for ice cream, sodas, floats, cupcakes, donuts, shakes etc? Look no further! This compilation of clip art has everything from food, drink and sprinkles to awnings and signs.

Use this amazing clip art to make logos or design web elements! Clean, modern yet retro too! This look is so "in" right now.

To make it even more appealing I have made the contents all interchangeable and added toppings and add ons so you can create your very own look! Not content with that I also made the colours I supplied blendable, so that you can layer and adjust the opacity to create endless colour combinations.

Included in this MASSIVE and amazing kit are the following.

- 6 donut bases with 12 blendable glaze colours, 6 icing colours, sprinkles and 100's and 1000's and a shine layer.

- 6 cupcake bases with 12 blendable icing colours, sprinkles and 100's and 1000's

- A soda/smoothie glass with 12 blendable beverage colours, optional whipped cream and two red striped straws (half and full so you can choose if you want to see the straw in the glass or not)

- 12 full colour blendable popsicles and 6 mixed tri colour popsicles

- 4 ice cream cones with 12 blendable ice cream colours

- Fairy Bread - whole, halved and quartered But then..obsession took hold and I started creating BONUS packs! I thought..but what if I needed THIS when I was creating or THAT? And so I included whatever came to mind¡­.

I started with "The Cherry On Top" Bonus pack..I wanted a cherry on my ice cream, my sodas and floats..heck, it looks cute on it's own! So I made a partial one (to make it look like it's IN the ice cream not just on it) and a whole one..then I wanted it in pink..and in green!

Then I thought..sodas need bubbles! I want different coloured straws! I need some coffee beans for decor..Hey! soft serve is cool but what about scoops? Waffle cones are nice but sugar cones are too! What about a bite mark out of the popsicle brush to use as an eraser? And a dripping frosting brush? Ice creams need to be chocolate dipped! And so..in they went as the Toppings and Add-Ons Bonus pack!

Pleased with myself I ALMOST released it that way..but then..I thought WAIT!..what if I want VANILLA?!?!?! What if I want to create pastel tones? And so Vanillalicious Bonus pack was created.

Then in a fit of nostalgia I thought about the old soda shops and their amazing milkshake creations..served in those gorgeous glasses..you know the ones..so I made them and added MORE glasses and more bubbles and made it all blendable! And froth! Yes! Milkshake froth! That went in too..and so I made Shake Shop..the Bonus pack.

But then one thing sort of leads to another..and I was all nostalgic thinking about retro stuff how it was in the old days when I was a kid..I remembered those cool awnings and their awesome signs..I still miss those! And so I made some and called it Awnings & Signs Bonus!

By now I sort of realised I was getting a little off topic..so to refocus I decided to use the graphics on their own..I thought, all that stuff is cool, but will the graphics stand alone? So I made some "stuff"..logos, a business card, even a Facebook Cover! I wanted to show you guys that the images WILL stand alone! So I made them and threw most of them in for you! They are editable! Just be sure to ONLY edit these in Adobe Reader.

And then I realised I could go on forever! And keep making stuff! And I would NEVER finish it and never release it! So I thought..I better do that..then if I want to add to it I will just update the files! =)

So....what are you waiting for? I made the price as amazing as the contents of the kit! ;)

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