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Lunchbox Light is a uniquely handdrawn typeface that gives infinite customizable options and a fully authentic look.

Using Lunchbox's Opentype features gives access to over 1,500 different characters and basically creates 3 different font styles. Contextual alternatives give each letter 4 different character styles, all cycling through each other to ensure that no two letters ever show up together. There is also a custom set of small caps, each with 4 style variations as well. Stylistic alternatives give an extra handdrawn flourish, loop and slight variation, also with 4 different styles per letter. Discretionary ligatures pertain to both regular all caps Lunchbox as well as stylistic alternatives. It takes special letters and gives a unique interaction with the characters around them, giving your design a unique and personalized look. Swashes also have four style variations to both the regular and stylistic alternatives, as well as lowercase letters with ascenders and descenders.

If you do not use Opentype but are using a program that includes a full glyph panel, you will be able to access each of the style variations you want.


To use to opentype features and have access to all the glyphs this font has to offer, you need to use the opentype panel. Adobe CS has this panel in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator and Quark 7 or higher also uses advanced features.

The panel feature symbols are as follows.

fi - regular ligatures like fi, fl, ff, etc that most fonts include

o - contextual alternatives, that will turn on the cycling 4 variations of each letter

st - discretionary ligatures will automatically appear as they are typed, or you can pick out specific ones you would like to apply it too

A - swashes, like DL you can either apply it to the entire text or choose which letters you'd like to use it with

aa - stylistic alternatives, if this and contextual alternatives are turned on then it automatically cycles through the 4 variations for each letter's stylistic alternatives

There are two other options but they don't apply to this font so no need to be concerned if they don't do anything when you click them.


Keywords: light, handdrawn, hand written, doodles, thin, pen, pencil, sketch, imperfect, opentype, handwriting, drawing, sans serif, simple, display, paragraph, text.

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