Olesa Watercolor OpenType SVG Font

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File Types: PNG,SVG,All Files; File Size: 18.99 MB; Vector: Yes; Web Font: Yes.

"OLESA" by Dixie Type Co.

An OpenType SVG Watercolor (Bitmap) Font. Also includes a solid black .OTF installable font.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ description before purchase.


-An SVG file with CUTTABLE watercolor letters. Yes, there are built in cut lines around each glyph! :) Since these letters are bitmap images, the letters will lose quality the larger it is scaled. The uppercase and lowercase letters are split into 2 documents. This is because of the large file sizes. You may still copy and paste letters in between documents. We unfortunately cannot provide a DXF for the watercolor letters - the watercolor image is not supported inside the DXF.

-An SVG and DXF cut file with BLACK solid letters.

-A (normal) installable .OTF of this font in solid black. This will work in all programs that use fonts. This will be titled "DTC Olesa" in your library.

-A high quality 300 dpi file for EACH individual letter and punctuation mark. These have a transparent background! You can drag and drop these letters individually into almost any program. Just import each individual letter as an image.

-An OPENTYPE-SVG (.otf) installable font. It is a Bitmap Glyph font, or also known as a Color Font. This is the newest, hottest font file type around. This installable font will ONLY work in Photoshop CC 2017 & over, Illustrator & InDesign CC 2018+, and MacOS native apps (FontBook, Pages, Keynote, ..) but NOT in Photoshop CC 2015 or older. Windows does NOT yet support Bitmap fonts, thus you will not see your letters when you install the font (but Photoshop CC 2017+ on a PC will). When using in Illustrator, you must make sure you are in RGB mode, or your glyphs will appear as black boxes.

-A Photoshop (.PSD) file including all glyphs!


We highly recommend using the watercolor letters on a light background. Since they are watercolor, they fade to white, and will show a slight white outline on a dark background.

The watercolor letters are a brownish-black, but may vary slightly depending on your printer and/or screen.

If you are wanting to change the color of your letters in Photoshop, overlay a new color by using the blending options panel. Select your text and go to LAYER LAYER STYLE COLOR OVERLAY.

Unfortunately, we are not crafters by trade, and cannot give crafting advice.

Please make sure you understand your purchase. All digital sales are final, and we do not give refunds on digital products. Please reach out to us with questions!

Thank you! :) Dixie Type Co.

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