Amerbach 883

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This font is a wonderful combination of Majuscules that are really fancifully cut and miniscules that are subtly more round and friendly looking than many other styles of blackerletter type.

Johann Amerbach was a very successful printer in the city of Basil, Switzerland. He

maintained an extensive network of scholars and issued over a 100 works during his 35

years in the business. He is notable for printing works of the church fathers and also

for spreading the use of Antiqua fonts in the German speaking lands. This font is not an

Antiqua, but Johann Amerbach's font now cataloged as Ver?ffentlichungen der

Gesellschaft fr Typenkunde des 15. Jahrhunderts Typ.1:184G GfT883. This would fall

into the rotunda subfamily.

Keywords: textualis, rotunda, swiss, incunabula, 1500s.

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