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File Size: 887.8 MB; Requirements: Adobe CS3+.

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2 minute quick tour of the watercolor fantasy styles ? http://youtu.be/GoWkdJ9VXyM

Prefer working in Illustrator? ? http://crtv.mk/iz0F

Welcome to the all new Watercolor Fantasies, the crazy love child of watercolor, glimmer, shimmer and shine! These are no styles you'll find in nature, they are painstakingly hand crafted with the magic of Photoshop, and the result is a staggering collection of 1-click SMART styles for Adobe Photoshop.

I swirled together lots of watercolor with sprinkles of my InstaGlam styles (http://crtv.mk/swlT) AND tossed in some of my Creative Couture styles (http://crtv.mk/qwv9) to make this all new WATERCOLOR FANTASY collection!

Smart styles are so fun and easy to use, not to mention gorgeous and a total fantasy! You simply apply with just a click and it USES the color already on your layer as the base color-- HOW EASY IS THAT?!

These styles are NOT just a few styles re-colored but 140 unique 1-click styles you can apply to ANY COLOR. There are 55 base styles, and all of them have both a light and intense version to help you get JUST the look you want and 30 of them have a 3rd style that I added EXTRA glimmer and shimmer to! I not only give you the 140 styles for both PRINT AND WEB (so handy!), but I also give you the source pattern so you can flip through styles in the layer style if that suits your workflow! I hold nothing back.

No mess, just magic! Fantastical and magical shimmery and glimmery watercolor styles with just a click!

The Watercolor Fantasies Collection includes.

- 140 1-CLICK Photoshop (ASL) Layer Styles for print -- AND 140 for WEB (NEW)

- I took all of the delicious patterns and created a one-click layer style for them

- 300 dpi print resolution styles and 72dpi web resolutions

- Watercolor Fantasies Source Pattern Collection.

- 140 seamless patterns

- Each main pattern comes in light and intense style, 30 have a 3rd 'fantasy style'

- The source pattern collection allows you full creative control

- SEAMLESS! Make any size design without having to adjust a thing

- AutoMAGIC Actions Set

- Handy print resolution to web resolution pattern resize action

- Pattern resize actions for increasing/decreasing pattern overlay by 50%

- ? Tutorials and Inspiration

Access all demos and tutorials on my youtube channel: http://bit.ly/1xjTCFx

How to use Watercolor Fantasies video demo ? http://youtu.be/0LEag4Z6d3s

- Load patterns, ASL layer styles and actions into Photoshop

- Simply click on the layer style you want with the layer selected.

- Actions allow you to quickly resize the pattern style


This is actually a plusĄ­ When I was creating this kit, I wanted it to be as effortless as possible, so all of the effects are created with patterns, styles and actions that do the work for you. You don't have to open and place your work in a new document that is possibly higher resolution, then figure out the re-sizing etc. You simply work within your current document whether it be a print or web resolution document.

While this Creative Couture kit takes out the guesswork and makes it almost 100% effortless to create amazing watercolor styles in your designs, you should have a basic knowledge of photoshop and be comfortable with using actions, patterns and layer styles before you purchase this amazing creative kit!

If you have a question, message me via Creative Market, I'm happy to chat and answer any questions!

Be sure to watch the demo videos to see how fast and easy it is to use!!

Insider price alerts for my Creative Market products ? http://eepurl.com/9_-3H

Love glitter and glam, shimmer and shine, check out my two best-selling collections.

InstaGlam ? http://crtv.mk/swlT ? Creative Couture ? http://crtv.mk/qwv9

xoxo Jessica

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