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Is there something in the Scrabooli Studio shop that you would like to be able to use in a product meant for sale and the Creative Market Simple License doesn't it? This Extended Use License may be just what you need.

Please read below to find out what this license covers.

If you still have any questions at the end, please feel free to message me.

The purchase of this "Commercial Use License For Small Business" grants the purchaser the right to use one Scrabooli Studio design (purchased from the Creative Market website site) in products and services offered for sale.

This license is for one (1) design set only. If you wish to license two (2) or more design sets, you will need to purchase a licenses for each design set. This is valid for up to 500 copies of your product/s. If you wish to sell more than 500 copies you will need to purchase the "Commercial Use License For Mass Production" license.

Your Download includes the License only, you will need to purchase the relevant product that the license is for separately.

This license includes.

- Multiple users within the purchaser's company or organisation.

- The right to use items in up to 500 copies of a physical product offered for sale - for example posters, t-shirts, gifts, stationery, books, DVDs and packaging.

- The right to use purchased artwork in up to 500 copies of a digital product offered for sale - for example e-cards, digital invitations, powerpoint presentations, video, software, apps and games.

- You may use the licensed design set on/in more than one product, however, no more than 500 copies all together when you add all the different products together.

- The right to use in the design of up to 500m of fabric, wrapping paper, wallpaper, etc.

This license does NOT include.

- Distributing created items on third party print-on-demand sites such as Caf¨¦ Press, Zazzle, etc

- The resale or distribution of raw files (in original form or derived from the original) as part of a bundle deal or promotional offer.

- The resale, sub-licensing, sharing, or other form of redistribution of raw files on their own or for free.

- The right to use in Television broadcast and performance.

- Claiming the work as your own.

- Exclusivity with regard to any form of product or service.

- The transfer of any copyright. Artwork always remains the property of Janice E. Sheen & Scrabooli Studio.


- First you buy the product you want to license in the Scrabooli Studio store and also buy a license for commercial use of this product. ONE LICENSE & ONE PRODUCT!

- If you purchased the product at an earlier date and you decide that you want to use it for commercial purposes (small business), you still need to buy a license now.

- You then need to send me a personal message ( through on Creativemarket ) and tell me the name of the product for which you have purchased a license (include a link to the product) and which license you have purchased.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me a message.

Thanks :-)

- Extended Use License For Mass Production: http://creativemarket.com/ScrabooliStudio/179865-Extended-Use-License-MassProduction?published

- ScrabooliStudio Website: http://www.scraboolistudio.com.au

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