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Have you ever felt like you don't have enough drawing skill to make something look good? Have you ever wanted to draw something but didn't like how it came out? Lots of us wish we could become better artists but don't put in the time to practice. This tutorial will show you some tips for getting great results without a long history of drawing practice.

This 6 hour video tutorial is for intermediate Photoshop users looking to create some awesome digital artwork. This style is geared toward poster art, book covers, t-shirt designs, album covers, and more.

What will you learn?

By following the digital illustration and drawing techniques in this tutorial, you will learn Photoshop shortcuts for getting awesome results while simultaneously learning how to draw better! We hope this inspires you to come up with your own creations which will lead to a lifetime of "creating cool stuff" that will naturally improve your drawing ability.

Tutorial Breakdown

Part 1: Introduction (2 min) 每 Jeff introduces the tutorial and covers the basic concepts. This is the same video that you see above!

Part 2: Frankenstein Technique (36 min) 每 Learn this not-so-secret technique for compiling the perfect reference image

Part 3: Drawing the Face (117 min) 每 Use your Wacom drawing tablet to create detailed line work and shading using custom brushes

Part 4: Finishing the Line Art (122 min) - Learn to improvise and create incredible details without having to think too hard

Part 5: Texturing and Coloring (53 min) 每 Achieve convincing watercolor effects without having to pick up a paintbrush

Part 6: Finishing Touches (26 min) 每 Bring it all together with a few simple techniques that make the image look "finished"

Total Time: 356 Min (5 Hours and 56 Minutes)

How to Watch the Tutorial

After you purchase the tutorial, you will receive information on how to stream the tutorial videos without having to download them yourself. You can learn at your own pace and watch these videos whenever you need.

Fly on the Wall

Watching this tutorial is a lot like peering over the shoulder of another artist. Jeff does his best to instruct and entertain you throughout the process, there are long stretches where there' isn't much to say without being repetitive. Keep this in mind as you watch another artist at work.

Watch Jeff Make Mistakes

This tutorial is unedited from start to finish. Raw and uncut. Jeff will run into problems that most designers face while working in Photoshop and you can watch how he fixed them. It's important to see that all artists encounter similar issues that you might be facing, so to cut those out wouldn't be fair to the viewer. Leave in the mistakes so we all can learn from them!

Please note: This is a streaming video*

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