Splatter Drip Stamp Brush Set

Add-on >> Brushe - Splatter Drip Stamp Brush Set 2631535 by Nancy Ingersoll @ CreativeMarket

File Types: JPG,All Files; File Size: 3.82 MB; Compatible with: Procreate; DPI: 300 DPI.

With this set, you can quickly stamp some realistic drip marks to your ipad procreate art to give it some character. You can choose the color, the size, and the opacity. Add some pizzazz to your hand lettering with a splatter or ink stain.

If you are frustrated because procreate does not allow you to add type to your artwork - check out my font brushes for procreate at: https://creativemarket.com/thecreativeresource

This set contains: 6 procreate brushes . For other sets and fonts, go to https://creativemarket.com/thecreativeresource


- .zip file with 6 Procreate .brush files (a mixture of drippy ink and watercolor splatter marks, which can be easily adjusted to look like thicker paint too)

- Installation guide (for both individual & batch installation)

- Directions for using these files in Procreate

- A Brush Map specific to this brush set Requirements.

- Procreate App

- iPad Pro

- Note that when you download bundles (like this one) from Creative Market, it is one zipped file. You will need to unzip the file in order to load the brushes°™plus, you will see the installation instructions and a bonus file when you unzip the files. (On a mac, you just need to double click. On a PC, double click and choose extract all. On an iPad, you will need a third party app like Unzip Tool.) Note: An Apple Pencil is NOT required. These brushes are designed so that you can use your finger or any standard stylus, so that you can continue creating when you Apple Pencil needs charging. These brushes are created specifically for the Procreate app and are not compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator or other software programs.


Procreate Tip for organized brush files: Before importing new brush files, create a new set of brushes in Procreate, name the set and then import into that set your new brushes/stamps.

Procreate brush installation guide: https://support.creativemarket.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000851594-Installing-Procreate-Brushes

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