Dynamic Swatches 2.0 History

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Dynamic Swatches 2.0 - History is part of the Dynamic Swatches series . Each sold separately and inexpensively so that you have all the controls and UI flexibilty you like.

For full descriptions please feel free to visit http://www.ricoholmes.com/cc-dynamic-swatches-2.html

History is essentially the same as the native panel in Photoshop. It's just present in the series to keep continuity if you wish to keep all the Dynamic Swatches together.

Plus I think it looks pretty.

Dynamic Swatches are exactly what they sound like. Swatches of colors that react dynamically to your current chosen color. No more fiddling with sliders, no more looking for a swatch variation that's just a smidge warmer etc.

Dynamic swatches are artist orientated in their utility, they take no CPU time while painting, they're completely integrated into Photoshop and can be docked, floated, snapped to the ui or together. They can be iconised, double tapped as tabs and held on secondary monitors etc if preferred

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Dynamic Swatches 2.0 - History

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