90 Pro Illustrator Ink Brushes

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90 (97) High-Quality Ink Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Free Samples, because they probably work in Illustrator CS3+, I just made them in CC, thought I'd let you know the bonafide, original source. This is an external link.


Included in Purchase.

-Brushes (.AI file)

-Source Illustrator CS3+ file (make your own packs based on your favorites!)

-cartoon (for playing around with the brushes out of the box)

All brushes were hand-made, from start to finish. Each line individually ruled, aligned, and tested before sorting, from smallest to largest.

Each line was traced as close to the original as possible. Any shapes that needed to be compound shapes ("see-through"), were before being assigned to the Brushes panel.

All that great detail that makes lines unique, was captured as best as my eye could get. I used the same process (generally) throughout, so that all the lines would be relatable in a real-world scale.

Scanned at 600dpi made the longest line over 100 "Illustrator Inches": Detailed lines shouldn't be a problem.

Why the pointVisco pen? I originally bought it for a writing pen, but it's goopy and unpredictable; it gives good line. I couldn't resist making brushes out of some lines, and this is what happened. It's also the first brush pack I ever had to make pretty for other people, because my personal packs are not like this :).

I'll be using them myself - that's why I make them - so I figured I'd share.

$2 is as low as I can get on the site, so there you go, that's my pricing strategy.

I really like the results I got, more "how they turned out" than "how I expected things to go", to be sure, but I think I need to make a few more packs. Pigma Microns, brush pens, ball-points, etc. My goal is to have enough lines so that I don't get sick of looking at them.

Hope you like them, fellow linebenders, and if you'd like to see more, let me know in the comments!

Keywords: illustrator, brushes, vector.

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