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The Luminockout action does simply this: makes a single-color layer with a transparency mask based on the luminance values in your image.

What this means for you is that you can quickly and easily extract the image data from scanned type, logos, sketches, texture images, natural shadows from product shots, and have a transparent layer with NO blend modes you can now work with, retaining all the detail from the original image. This frees you up to then apply effects , clip to, overlay on, whatever else you can think of, to your heart's content.

Inspired by the Luma Matte feature in video editing software that was lacking in Photoshop, born from a need to extract ink splatter scans while a) retaining all the detail b) changing the color easily, and c) still export in a web-friendly format (transparent png). Color range wasn't cutting it, and blend modes weren't an option.


- Creates a single, solid black layer at 100% opacity, *normal blend mode*, with a mask based on the luminance value of your image.

- Retains all the detail and texture of the source image (compared to using a color range selection, for example)

- Eliminates fringing and anti-aliasing problems commonly found when color picking

- Can be used with any type of image°™scanned fonts/illustrations/logos, sketches, texture photos, product photos, etc.

- Knocks out sketches and scans in a *fraction* of the time.

Some ideas.

- Easily create letterpress or silkscreen overprinting effects without having to use blend modes. Treat the resulting layer as a spot color of ink with a color overlay.

- Lift texture details from images. Leather, hair, fabric, paper, etc. Invert the source and repeat to extract the highlights (change the resulting layer's color to white), and have your highlights/shadows separated into two distinct controllable layers.

- Extract the existing, natural shadows from product shots instead of faking them. Clip out your product as normal, then add the shadow layer behind it. Makes placing products on multiple surfaces simple.

- Extract lens flares, clouds, highlights, etc.

- Assign to a keyboard shortcut or run in button mode for efficient use.


- Best results come from well-prepped images°™make sure the background color to be knocked out is as close to white as possible (otherwise a gray haze will be left behind). A Curves adjustment layer with a white point selected usually is sufficient.

- You can adjust the density of the resulting layer by adjusting the levels/curves of the mask on the layer.

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