Cursors Foiled Again

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This title requires Final Cut Pro 10.3 or higher.

Essentially a "type on" effect with an animated cursor. The lead in "block" is on by default but can be turned off and there is a customizable background that can be optionally employed for the effect. Really nice effect for action movies.


- Starting "block" (optional)

- Flashing cursor blinks at same rate no matter how long the title is dragged out.

- Optional background (off by default). Color, opacity, outline, outline color, outline opacity controls.

- Speed control.

- Default application is easy drag, drop, change the text. Designed to facilitate "multi-line" appearances (it is not possible to have the cursor work across a multi-line string of characters, therefore cursor opacity is included to be able to turn off one line as another new instance line begins.) Duplicate a title to retain effect settings for multi-line. Pausing in a single line is handled like a multi-line. Set one instance up and create a pause, duplicate and move horizontally to finish a line.. easy.

Sight-Creations gives you the power to design your own effects from a single template.

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Cursors! Foiled Again

Keywords: fcpx, title, cursor, cursors.

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