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Photo Presets for Lightroom / Wonderland

The set contains presets optimized for using in Adobe Lightroom 4, 5 and CC, with Jpeg and Raw files.

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- Children are wonderful! Since kids grow up so fast, now is the time to pick up your camera and capture all the special moments. Retouching photos is nothing new, but now it's becoming more common for parents to make their children look picture perfection print. Using these presets in Lightroom you can enhance your photographs and turn precious memories into lifelong keepsakes.

- The "Wonderland Workflow Collection" allows you to create your own photo style! You can create an unlimited number of custom combinations for your images. All presets are layerable, mix and match them to your taste! Improve your portrait photo retouching skills with this pack of 160 Workflow Lightroom Presets!

- Quickly correct color and tone

- Easily add creative effects

- Save time by streamlining your workflow

- Create an unlimited number of custom combinations for your images Wonderland Presets Set contains 3 collections of development presets.

Collection No.01 - Colorful Presets

- WHITE BALANCE PRESETS Auto Tone, White Balance : Auto, Cool, Warm

- COLOR BASE PRESETS One Click Base 33%, 66% and 100%

- ARTISTIC EFFECTS Ballerina, Baby Doll, Hugs N Kisses, Sweet Lullaby, Saint-Tropez, Little Princess, Sweethearts, Mon Amour, Juicy Fruit, Les Bebe, Sweet Peas, Junior, Whimsical Dream, Sugar and Spice, Daisychains, Urban Candy, Safari, Fairytale, Little Angel, Queen's Expression, Paradise, First Kiss, Kids Empire, Bambino, Tiny Tots, Retro Baby, Vintage Star, Cinderela, Old Skool, Muffin, Vanilla Bean, Ladybug

- MATTE FINISH PRESETS Matte Finish : Light, Medium, Strong, Ultimate

- SHADOWS TONING Shadows: Blue, Violet, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Aqua

- HIGHLIGHTS TONING Highlights: Warm Yellow, Sweet Peach, Baby Blue, Soft Pink, Pistachio Green

- ADDITIONAL TONING Split Toning : Aqua Blue, Bronze, Lavender, Indigo, Tulip Red, Pine Green, Petal Pink, Brownie

- FINISHING TOOLS Color Booster : Light, Medium, Strong Sharpening : Light, Medium, Strong Soft Skin Effect : Light, Medium, Strong White and Black Vignette: Light, Medium, Strong Touch of Sun : Left, Right, Sun Haze Top Collection No.02 - Black and White Presets

- BASE BLACK and WHITE PRESETS Austin, Andrew, Calvin, Christopher, Walter, Philip, Leonardo, Brian, Maverick, Magnus

- ARTISTIC TONING PRESETS Amelia, Grace, Olivia, Elizabeth, Arabella, Molly, Natalie, Lilian, Daphne, Rose, Eva, Florence, Louise, Delilah

- FINISHING TOOLS Film Grain : little bit, medium, a lot Black Vignette : Light, Medium, Strong White Vignette : Light, Medium, Strong Collection No.03- Wonderland Author's Recipes.

- This collection contains 35 presets (creative recipes), selected by author. See the PDF-preview album for examples. BONUS COLLECTION - Sun Effect Overlays /For Adobe Photoshop users only!/ Create the perfect bright effect for your photos with this pack of 7 sun overlays!* How To Use Overlays.

- Open your photo in Photoshop.

- Drag and drop the overlay on the top of your image.

- Change the blending mode to "Screen".

- Finally adjust the layer opacity to your taste. This simple yet productive set of 160 presets will help you create great portrait effects!

- Many photographers adds that little extra touch to their photos to bring a special feeling. With Lightroom and a couple of presets you can do the same and make your photos pop out from the rest, within a couple of minutes.

- Photo Presets let you quickly and easily adjust all of the development parameters in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

- Photo Presets even allows you to preview each effect before you apply it and stack several presets together to get the look you desire. Then you can save an entire stack of settings as your own custom preset for future use and even use them for batch processing.

- Adobe Lightroom opened up a whole world of possibilities for photographers and image editing experts by allowing them to develop automation within their workflow.

- Retouching portraits is a rewarding but time-consuming task, this new release makes the job quick and easy - as simple as "1-Click". The retouching set is invaluable both for professional portraits and for quickly improving the casual snap. These set of presets include all you might need for portrait work in Lightroom.

- Wonderland presets set is a great collection designed for Adobe Lightroom that will give amazing effects to your image!


- Step by step instructions are included explaining how to apply content


- Mac OS X and Windows compatible


- Works great with Lightroom 4, 5 and 6 (CC)


- Works perfect with JPEG and RAW images Copyright ? Miracle Design Studio All Rights Reserved.

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Presets for Lightroom / Wonderland

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