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File Size: 123.63 MB; Requirements: Adobe CS4+.

"Like having a 1950's print shop in your computer!"

One of my good friends on Creative Market told me that SparkPrint could have saved him $127 over the past 3 months. How? He'd been buying halftone textures like crazy to build up a huge texture arsenal. But with SparkPrint he could make all the textures he wanted in minutes.

Here's a set of free ones I made in 5 minutes using SparkPrint: http://bit.ly/1iLXVNZ

After buying SparkPrint he bought the remaining items in the suite one by one. Why?

Because each one saves you a massive amount of time and money. Not to mention it makes your work look so authentically vintage that it's hard to tell if it's not the real thing.

Now you can buy the whole set (I'm calling it the Mid Century Print Kit) for a discounted price. Separately these goods would cost you $71. But I'm offering the complete pack for just $49 for a limited time. That's 31% off the retail price.

Here's what you get in the bundle.

Retro-Matic ($15) https://creativemarket.com/dustinlee/32765-Retro-Matic-Easy-Ink-Offset

Ink offset effect that lets you choose which color to offset.

Photo Baker ($15) https://creativemarket.com/dustinlee/34911-RetroSupply-Photo-Baker

Creates the hard to achieve 50's illustrated photograph look in under 20 seconds.

SparkPrint ($15) https://creativemarket.com/dustinlee/39031-SparkPrint-Monotone-Action

Halftone action that lets you choose the color and size of the dots.

InkChamp ($14) https://creativemarket.com/dustinlee/41206-RetroSupply-InkChamp-PSD-Action

A subtle (yet mind blowing) ink plate starve effect.

The Blacksmith ($15) https://creativemarket.com/dustinlee/37539-RetroSupply-The-Blacksmith

Get a subtle roughen ink effect that you can customize!

I'm offering this at a hugely discounted price but I'll be bringing the price up to $56 in a few days. So be sure to grab the Mid Century Printing Pack now ; )

What? You say you've already purchased one of these items but still want this deal? Check out the FAQ section ; )

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