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A must-have for scrappers! Cut out the tedious part of scrapbooking, and get right to the fun part.

Tired of dragging and dropping each individual element into a layout before you can actually start scrapping? Instead of having to copy and paste (or drag and drop) everything, this action will do that for you (and even close the files that have been brought in!)

This action lets you get everything collected so you can start on the creative part! This action puts everything stacked right on the page! Everything is there, ready for you to put them where you want them. (ideal for pulling in a bunch of alphas to turn into a title!)

To do this.

Open up all the pictures, papers, elements, alphas, and whatever you want (or think you'll want) on your layout.

Play "Start Here," which will open up a new file called "collection."

There's no need to count how many files are being placed. Just guess. If it's way more than 10, start with 10 items. It only matters that you don't tell it to place MORE items than you have open, so under-shoot. (i.e. if you only have 5 open files, don't choose 6, because it will close your new file and you'll have to start over!)

That's it! When you run out of files to add to your "collection" file, you have everything you want to start scrapbooking!

To see it in action, click here to watch a video sample:

Keywords: photoshop, scrapbooking.

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