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Catalist is a productivity tool unlike any other. It lets you create powerful, easy to use lists that react when you click them allowing you to perform a range of different tasks from within the CS or CC application you are currently working in.

One installation lets you use Catalist with the following Adobe apps simultaneously.

- Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC

- Illustrator CS5, CS6, CC

- DreamWeaver CS5, CS6, CC

- In Design CS5, CS6, CC

- Fireworks CS5, CS6

- Premier Pro CS5, CS6, CC

Connect your files.

Catalist lets you connect any type of file to your projects. When file connections are clicked from the project list, they will automatically open the connected file with the default app you have set for that file type on your OS. All common file types and none Adobe apps are supported.

File connections are useful as they let you open files in external apps without having to leave the app you are currently working in, eliminating the need to browse.

Connect HD locations.

As well as adding connections to files on your hard drive you can also add specific locations. When location connections are clicked from the project list, your OS will launch this targeted location in finder allowing you to easily select a file to open.

Folder connections are useful if a client provides you with a lot of image files. Rather than adding all of the files to your project list, you can just add a connection to the folder storing them. Then you can instantly browse and open any of them without leaving the app you are working in.

Connect your notes.

Catalist lets you easily create and connect notes to your projects. When note connections are clicked from the project list, the note will appear as a popup inside of the Catalist panel.

Note connections are useful as they let you keep any design specification information that the client provides, accessible to you, within the app your working in.

Connect useful web pages.

Catalist lets you connect any website or url to your projects. When website connections are clicked from the project list, your default web browser will be launched and automatically re-directed to the url specified in the connection.

Web page connections are useful when clients give you links to inspiration websites they like the look of. They also save you bloating out your browser bookmarks with project related links.

Connect email contacts.

Connect any email address to your project list. When you click email connections from the project list, your default email application will be launched and a new email will be automatically created already addressed to send to that particular contact.

Email connections are useful as they let you instantly get in touch with the client for a specific project without having to hunt through your inbox.

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