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Humbbble ¨C The most comprehensive Wordpress Dribbble Plugin ever built. It's easy to use yet oh-so feature packed. Easy to use, PROPERLY fully documented, in active development (so it's always getting better), and has more features than your average cookie!

This plugin is in active beta. We're adding new features and fixing bugs weekly. So if there's a feature missing, something doesn't work right or you want a new feature please let us know and we'll add it to our todo list. The current features are listed below; our development roadmap is listed at the bottom of the page.

Dribbble is constantly updating their technology and API's, and this is the only Wordpress plugin that is up to date with Dribbble's technology and gives you the most comprehensive and customizable feature set to showcase your designs from Dribbble on your WordPress website. We were tired with plugins that only showed just the shots, had extremely limited functionality and could barely be customized. So we set out to create what truly is the most comprehensive WordPress Dribbble plugin available anywhere, and we've called it: Humbbble.

Humbbble is made to be extremely easy to use, yet be as feature packed as possible. While you can use the plugin as simply using the shortcode with your username, we recommend you play around with the options to get it to show (or not show) what you want and how you want it. In our WordPress Dribbble plugin you can.

Show shots from your username in the ˇ®Dibbble' style by default.

Choose how many items you wish to show.

Change item sizing.

Set which item information you want to show (or not): likes, shares, rebounds, comments.

Change any and all styling right from the shortcode.

background colors/style

hide the background

font size

font colors

SORT! Change to sort by: views, likes, comments or rebounds. Default is sort by popularity. (this is something Dribbble's API doesn't do by default [yet], but we've programmed it in for you!)

Set the API key if Dribbble requires you to use it.

Choose which ˇ®page' from the shots you'll show first.

Enable or disable AJAX (auto loading) "view more" button link.

Enable or disable the image link.

Create your own theme using CSS stylesheets and then changing the theme via the shortcode options.

And we're always adding more. IF you have any ideas, feature requests or bugs to report please let us know!

Easy to use and understand.

Our WordPress Dribble plugin comes PROPERLY fully documented. We've written the documentation in plain proper English, such that it's easy to understand, follow and thus easy to use the plugin. Soon we'll be adding video tutorials and explanations to help you use this plugin.

You can see all the documentation and a demo of our WordPress Dribbble plugin on it's about (/demo) page.

Quick note, since we've just launched this plugin we are still developing it and the documentation, so not everything will be perfectly documented (yet). We'll get there. If there's something we worded poorly, is confusing or just plain wrong shoot us a message and we'll get it fixed.

Developer happy code.

We've documented everything you'd ever need to know or want to know about this plugin. The code is extremely well documented using the absolute best documentation practices AND common sense. Some things are pretty self-explanatory so we didn't comment those, such as what a a-link does ˇ­ but everything else is documented nearly line by line.

Not only is everything well documented and logically ordered, but it's also coded using PHP and WordPress best practices.

Feature / Development roadmap.

For Beta 3 we plan to add (planned release date: October 10th, 2014).

Display (basic) user information + style it

Show projects list

Show item add-ons/attachments

Show buckets

Mouse over item information (like Dribbble has)

Beta 4 ideas.

Admin page (for default options)

Admin page theme settings and theme creation

Inner project details and sub-pages for projects/buckets/ect ˇ­ so that users will never have to leave your site to get all the info they need.

Properly responsive

Display comprehensive user info

Teams & team info

View & list likes

View & list followers

Add shortcode button into the WP editor thingy

Add installation & activation hooks that actually do something (instead of placeholders)

Add uninstall hooks

Beta 5 ideas.

Tag: listing tags, filter by tags

Change log, development road map, requested features, and known bugs.

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Humbbble - Dribbble Wordpress Plugin

by Chykalophia

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