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Our Genesis action collection comes with 28 stunning Photoshop actions, designed to help you with priming your images as well as giving your image added artistic flare. This collection is inspired by the natural world around us and the story of beginning of time giving images deep rustic toning.


==== BASIC TOOLS ====

- BASIC | Clean Image Base

- BASIC | Clean Image Base-Deeper

- BASIC | Brighten

- BASIC | Darken

- BASIC | De-Hazer

- BASIC | Warm Up-Deep

- BASIC | Warm Up-Light

- BASIC | Soften Image

- BASIC | Soft Center

- BASIC | Deeply Dramatic

- BASIC | Light Matte Haze

- BASIC | Ulta Matte

- BASIC | Color Corrector

- BASIC | Film Grain


- TONES | Eden

- TONES | Eden + Matte

- TONES | Earth

- TONES | Cain & Abel

- TONES | Forbidden Fruit

- TONES | Promised Land

- TONES | Great Flood

- TONES | Covenant

- TONES | Chaldeans

- TONES | Tower of Babel

- TONES | Crepuscular

- TONES | Underworld

- PLAY ALL TONES {available for full versions of Photoshop only}

==== B + W ====

- B+W | Fall of Man

- B+W | Fall of Man-Matte


- Works with English versions of PS and PSE

- Designed for Photoshop CS2-Creative Cloud and PSE 7-Up

- Compatible with PC & Mac.

- Zip file includes all files for Photoshop CS-CC and PSE 7-Up.


- An AMAZING set! Whether you are photographer looking for those darker tones or your are one that leans a little more to the fine art/ creative side, this is an awesome set to have. Love itĄ­Have itĄ­Use it! TC

- After running my first action which was Eden plus Matte, I am totally hooked. I keep layering and they keep getting better :) This set is a great jumping off point for the other bundles offered. PA

- I really love the Genesis Collection. My favorites to use from it are darken, warm up-light, deeply dramatic, and Eden. I use them on many photos. It was the first collection I bought, so after falling in love with it, I bought the others too. NG

- I have 3 sets of Workflow actions from Seasalt & Co. and Genesis is by far my favorite!!!! I love how this collection can change the mood of a photo with their deep tones, so many artistic possibilities with this collection!!! SS

- Stop looking at reviews and buy this now!! :) I couldn't get over how it transformed my photos into art. Brandi

NOTE Our products are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, however you will need basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to use any of our products.

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At Seasalt & Co. we spend countless hours developing the best tools for our users. Our workflow tools go through rigorous testing phases to ensure the best results for our users. Every one of our Action collections are developed so that you have full control over every aspect of each action providing you the flexibility to experiment for endless creativity. Our actions are built with the fewest steps as possible for optimization, thus allowing you to speed up your workflow. Our artistic enhancing tools are able to compliment all genres of photography as well as evoke an emotional response from your viewers.

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Genesis Action Collection

by Seasalt & Co.

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