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Maximalist is our magic bullet for high resolution content. Featuring 3 distinct modes (fullscreen, non-fullscreen, and parallax) Maximalist balances customizability, functionality, and jaw-dropping simplicity.

Fullscreen Mode

Maximalist's default mode of gussying-up your content is through its togglable fullscreen mode, which unconstrains your content to fit the browser window, instead of being crammed into Tumblr's default 500px width container. Just make sure you're using truly high-res content: Maximalist's fullscreen won't make your 64px toaster icon look any better.

Parallax Scrolling

When in fullscreen mode, enabling Parallax creates an illusion of depth by delaying the movement speed of post content as the page is scrolled.

Image Scaling

If fullscreen mode is disabled, turning on image scaling will force a uniform post-width of 960px. If fullscreen mode is enabled, then the images will always be the width of the browser regardless of whether scaling is turned on. Lastly, if neither option is enabled (non-fullscreen, non-scaling), post content will display at its exact dimensions, without any change.

Disqus Commenting

Readers can comment on your posts using the Tumblr-standard Disqus system.

Infinite Scroll

Content loads automatically and endlessly as readers scroll down the page.

Social Media Links

Includes icons linking to your other social media pages.

Facebook Commenting

Readers can comment on your posts using their Facebook accounts.

Additional Page Support

This theme supports/displays links to any additional blog pages you create.

Top notch customer support.

Don't panic. No matter what you're confused or concerned about, our wizardly customer service is here to help answer any questions you have. Check out our support centre for more.

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