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Candy is a sweet and simple blogger template with a touch of bold style.

IMPORTANT In case you have any problems, you have another chance to download this theme (in total 2 chances). The file download file will expire 5 days after purchase.


- Full documentation (theme + license + instructions)

- Design installation

- Free support

- Customizable layout, borders, colors, backgrounds and fonts

- 2 column layout

- Center aligned widgets

- Left sidebar

- Nice thin borders around widgets

- Post images auto resize to fit post width

- Automatic centered and uppercase menu links

- Social share links

This template comes as it is. You may customize it, however, you may not alter, modify or change our code without permission. If you wish to remove or modify an element, please contact us immediately since you are not allowed to make any changes to the template itself.



- Header 1080px x 147px

- Footer 1080px

- Profile picture auto

- Post images 760px

- Left sidebar 300px



Everything in this template is customizable (via the advanced area). Here are some specific instructions for this template.

每 Change sidebar widget titles background Tabs Background Background Color

每 Change background color Backgrounds Main Background

每 Change border colors for widgets, footer and date Accents Separator Line Color

每 Change footer post border color Post Footer Shadow Color

You can always play around (carefully) to find out what is customizable and what is not, but almost everything is!



每 Upload at least 760px (width) post images for a higher quality.

每 Make sure your sidebar images keep within the column area.

每 A square profile picture is perfect!

每 If you don't want your post images to open to a new window, just remove the link in the post editor.

每 Align your post images to the left even though they do auto resize to fit the width area.

每 Disable the mobile version of this template.



每 Going beyond the measurements and sizes of your widgets will cause the left sidebar to overlay your blog posts.

每 If you see any of your widget titles with a different style than the rest, please contact us immediately and we will fix it free of charge!




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Need help?

[email protected]

Working hours may vary, please check our website once in a while, thank you!


- BLVCK STUDIO. This product may be used for personal use only unless stated. It is strictly prohibited to make use of any of our designs for commercial use. We have a software that runs through the people who purchased our blog templates and shows up whether the user removed, altered or modified the code. It takes a huge amount of work and effort to accomplish these things. Do not copy, distribute or resell, alter, modify, or claim our products as your own without permission. Those who violate these terms and conditions may face legal action. We put all our efforts and time on every blog design we made, please play nice!

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