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SUMMARY: It is young, modern, simple, but strong and trustful company. Can be used on alerting system company, security system, even else, based on your creativity on connecting the logo with the business. :)


For those in alerting system industry.

The triangle.

Triangle have many meanings. One of its notable meaning is, triangle reminds us about a warning sign, a caution sign, a sign of alert. At the other hand, it means that your company has a solid standing point, has a solid solution about alerting system for the customers. The solid, closed triangle also means that you offer a solid, systematic alerting solution.

The signal-like shape.

This part of the logo also plays an important role in this whole concept. The signal, obviously, tells about what the company does. We listen signals, we are ready to catch any needed signals, and then we will deliver it to you, the customers, in a systematic, comprehensive way, so that you can step in a right way to prevent the damages. Also, the most right part of the signal, the tinies signal, can have meaning: the watchful eye. We can see that it looks directly at the triangle, the eye is looking at the triangle. It is ready for an attack, for a danger. It is ready for an alert. It is consistently vigilant.

And the sharpness of the logo means that your product is sharp, smart, and intelligent.

The color.

Blue symbolises trust, confidence, and intelligence. Grey means mystery, problems, something to be watchful at. Red of course is eye-catchy and also means danger, warning, caution, alert.

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