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Presenting our very first public Lightroom Preset Pack - Film35 is the first of several Lightroom preset collections that celebrate the diverse and unique characters that each type of film offers. At Creating Cleveland, we're no strangers to film. Even when DSLRs were already the industry standard, we were still mixing up potions in the bathroom and trying to remember WHICH kitchen utensils (grabbed in a rush) should probably not be used for soup any more..

Film35 offers four presets, each created to pay homage to some of our favorite films.


How can you even describe this magical film? It reproduces colors excellently - that said there's often an incredibly subtle muted cool hue that is barely noticeable, but at the same time feels quite familiar. Combine that with a very fine grain, and you have a preset that will remind you of a simpler photos from your disneyland vacation..that candid of your dad wearing a fanny pack..


First in line is our Fujifilm Neopan ACROS preset. With strong blacks but high dynamic range, this preset delivers the fine grain and excellent sharpness that are the hallmarks of this film. True to form, this present allows for a wide exposure latitude, and responds VERY well to further exposure edits in Lightroom! Gorgeous example picture provided by Fleeting Fox Photography.


Kodak Ektar has always provided intriguing colors and fine grain. Not as forgiving as other color negative films, Ektar can do wondrous things in the right hands, and we hope our preset will do the same in yours! If you're looking to add an authentic 35mm film look, our Kodak Ektar preset may become your new best friend.


Considered to be one of the best all-around black and white films, we just had to include this in our first pack! This film has always been considered very tolerant and forgiving, and we've made out preset to match! With excellent contrast and a grain that is slightly more prominent that that of the Acros, this is a killer preset for both portraits and lifestyle photography. If you are a street shooter, you'll want this preset.

- Compatible with Lightroom 4 & 5 - we're working on legacy versions and will update soon!

- Reset preset included

- All trademarks of the above names belong to their respective companies

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