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5 Lightroom Presets + 4 Tools (Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 as well as Lightroom CC)

Due to the nature of digital products, refunds or exchanges are not offered, so please make sure you purchase the correct version. This version is NOT compatible with photoshop or photoshop Elements.

Automatic Digital Download

The Kiss Me Softly Set

Attracted to matte images? This set contains 5 presets and 4 tools total. 4 of them are our most popular presets from the larger Opal Collection, which you can view here.

This set will give your images that soft and delicate appeal you love!

_ ____

Dig the photography used to showcase the actions? Image examples were captured by.

STEPHANIE SUNDERLAND, a super talented international wedding photographer. Take a look at her stunning work here:

_ ____

You may be wondering, "What is the difference between the "Whipped Matte Set" and the "Kiss Me Softly Set" ??"

The Kiss Me Softly Set has actions that have a "modern matte effect." While the actions provide a touch of matte, they still retain luscious color and contrast. If you like the matte effect, but still want your images to have that extra pop of contrast, the Kiss Me Softly Set is for you.

The Whipped Matte Set has more of a "classic matte effect." If you are looking for a softer, hazier, creamier look, the Whipped Matte Set is recommended.


-5 Presets, Specifically Including;


Lovely Matte,



*Winter Fall

-4 Tools, Specifically Including;



Hazy Matte,

Matte Sparkling Color


{ The Importance of Great Editing }

-With social media, there's now an influx of images everywhere one looks. If you want your images to shine from the rest, great editing is a must. Our actions + presets are guaranteed to give you gorgeous edits!

{ Our Products are Natural & Professional }

-We pride ourselves on creating tools that compliment the photograph. Far from overbearing, our editing tools will provide you with edits that are gorgeous and professional.

{ Designed to Create Mood }

-Our actions and presets are each specifically designed to create a certain tone and style within your images. With the click of a button, you can have a stylized image that evokes an emotional response from viewers!

{ Achieve Consistency }

-These actions/presets will allow you to achieve consistency with your work, which is crucial for developing a style! Instead of having a set of images that are all edited differently, these tools will allow you to streamline your editing and create images that cohesively look great together!

{ Customize and Develop a Personal Style }

-Unlike the majority of actions found on the web which are flattened in order to hide the steps taken to achieve a certain effect, these are left open. This gives you the ability to customize to your liking!

{ Tested and Trialed }

-These actions have been tested on a variety of images, all with unique lighting situations, colors, etc. They are versatile and are suited for any image.

{ Save Time }

-These tools will save you countless hours of editing time. Adding a beautiful quality to your images will be super easy, efficient, and effortless. Use those free hours to catch up with friends & family!


Due to the nature of digital products, it is the nature not to provide refunds.

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Kiss Me Softly Set- Lightroom

by ElyanaIvette

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